[Street Photography]

Paolo Munari Mandelli

Between New York's streets


I have always been in love with New York City. Its streets, amazing people and their extravagance. I could stay here for weeks and years to talk about the big apple.

We still here to talk about New York for many years, maybe for weeks and never stop it. I have always been fascinated by American cultures. When I was a child, I passed my childhood to read and watch American movies. So, I can suppose that it is reasonable to receive back a kind of influence.

As New York also the photography has received an American influence, that means my vision about photography It has been influenced by the great American photographers like Robert Capa or Robert Frank. I mentioned one or two. Anyway, with this series dedicated to the big apple, I have tried to capture what does men for me, American style.

Its a project ongoing and I will update the gallery soon.

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