The sparkling black screen

The free black screen and photography speech.

The black screen punctures our mind, dominate the scenes and influence us. Its an endless discussion about photographs and technology. Is clear that it is necessary to find a new way to value pictures produced by photographers that work, in particular fields as like, photojournalistic, documentary and if you want in street photography neither.

Recently is got out a new book wrote by Joan Fontcuberta “la Furia delle Immagini“. Inside the magazine, you’ll find a chapter where he’s talking about the photo value in the new era, how it changed the method evaluative about it. Indeed he asserts that before the digital age with the propagations of a new model of cameras, the photographer was evaluated before a photographs technic and after for his or her work. He suggests that today is not essential “knows” the technic, but we should be more concerned about the idea there is before the shooting.

He’s explaining very well the main point; it is logic many years ago being a photographer it was not for everyone, today is another story. The photography becomes “democratic.” Indeed everyone has a smartphone or a camera. Honestly, I believe too many people take a picture and don’t know, don’t care, don’t be aware of what they do. I’m not looking for a someone to judge but, is evidence that all this fake democracy has brought only confusion, in a particular way inside the professional world. Alright, I admit that all social channels, like Instagram or Facebook, have a considerable potential that could be used. Indeed we are working with them. I have a question about it; what is the scope? Have more like in our photos? Who are the clients and speakers?

Cheeseburger? No tanks, photography speech.

For me, it is bright that the photography, in Italy, because I live and work here is become like an economic cheeseburger, it is for everyone and everything, and you could find it everywhere. As you have your smartphone inside the pocket, so you can take a picture as you want, and when you want. I like to discuss with a professional photographer, an amateur photographer about photographs, is it a positive side of the social networks, but I restraint that removed the filter between amateur and professional photographer, we had stumbled and lost the right way.

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