Paolo Munari Mandelli

Photographer, web designer and lover poems.

How can I say about me? WelI I was born in Bologna in 1983, and since I was a child, I’ve always love red a book, especially photography book. Only many years later, I discovered my passion for poetry.


My professional photography journey had started when I met Giovanni Mereghetti during his workshop in Milan. I had followed him many times in different studios, like Marocco and Genova. Always, here, in Milan, I had completed many master degrees in photography at John Kaverdash Academy. That included; visual communications, reportage, fashion, darkroom printing and wedding photography.

One of my most experience of life as a photographer and human, it has been when I went to Killis. It is a city close to Syria’s border. Where I saw the terrible effect of war and I’ve met many young Syrian women and men that had an escape from combat. I also the past two years, he has been documenting the Syrian crisis in Chios and Athens, and the disembarkment of Afghan, Syrian and Iraqi refugees upon their arrival to the Chios island.

For my photography work, I had taken inspiration from famous authors like Robert Frank, Paolo Pellegrin, Darcy Padilla.

Instead of poetry, I discovered it just only in adult age, when I read for the first time a classic poet like John Keats, Rainer Maria Rike, Alan Seeger and Nella Nobili until to arrive at a modern poet. Now, I live and work in Bologna, and I give my help to my parents in their travel agency. Indeed, thankfully it. I had an opportunity to visited many places like Australia, America, France, Japan, Greece and India.

Now, photography and Poetry for me are to inseparable partner. I always have with me one or two books. So, I can’t live without them. Take a look at my poems or my photography work.


Published in:

Daily Storm

Leica Store Bologna 2017


Monochrome Photography Award 3RD Prize in Professional Photojournalism Category 2018.

Honourable mention in Professional Portraits Photography 2018